International Medical Doctor Program

Call list and logistical information

Here you will find the list of candidates called for the test.

If you have forgotten your number of Prematricola, ID of the registration to competition, access the reserved area Intranet Unisr, click on Admission Test -> List of Competitions to which you are registered.
In the summary of each subscription you will find your Prematricola number.

Convocazioni IMD Program EU Citizens reserved

Admission to the International MD Program

Admission to the International MD Program is based on selection through an Admission test. This test is mandatory for all candidates wishing to enter the course and is organized once/twice a year.

The Admission test cannot be substituted by other exams or scores and is the only means of selection.
Candidates are ranked according to the score obtained and are admitted according to the number of places available each year and to the indications given in the Admission Regulation.

Every year there is a limited number of seats in the program: a quota for EU citizens and another one for Non-EU citizens.

UK citizens residing outside Italy are considered "NON-EU citizens residing abroad", unless otherwise noted in the future by the Italian Ministry of University and Research or the Italian Ministry of Interior.

The admission test is organized accordingly for each quota and is regulated by a specific Admission Regulation (Bando di concorso), which includes information on opening and closing of registrations, fees and enrolment documents and deadlines.

Detailed information on academic requirements for accessing university courses in Italy for students who have obtained or are obtaining a non-Italian secondary school qualification can be found in the documents attached here below.

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