Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine

Mandatory Health Surveillance - Documents and forms

For all students enrolling in a degree course in UniSR apart from Philosophy Students

Mandatory Health Surveillance Documents and forms  Compulsory for enrolment

According to the DLgs 81/2008, periodic health surveillance is mandatory also for students.

Which students must undergo the health surveillance?
All students  who enrol to a degree course apart from students enrolled to Philosophy. It is mandatory also for students who transfer to higher years with the same degree course exceptions as indicated before.

The students must:

  1. Download the “HEALTH DECLARATION FORM  and fill it in completed in all parts.
  1. Enclose copy of your general Vaccination certificate and anti hepatitis B (if done) or - for Italian Citizens only - enclose copy of the booklet with the list of vaccinations released by the ASL when doing the compulsory childhood vaccinations

The documentations related in points 1-2  must be sent:

  • to the following e-mail address:
  • altogether in one email - as subject please use “Compulsory health documentation for enrollment”
  • documents must be in PDF (photographs of documents are not accepted)
  • no later than 15 days from the registration

P.S. Following the entry into force of a new procedure, starting from September 15th the Mantoux Test report is NO longer required

Students failing to comply with the requirements
Students failing to comply with the requirements will not be authorized to access and attend the wards for the clinical rotations, elective courses or  internships, this being a disciplinary violation. The Preventive Medicine Service will inform the Academic Secretariat of the violation and the AS will activate the informative and disciplinary actions envisaged.

Health declaration form