Admission Test Simulator

Online Simulator

The "Online Simulator" is a system of tests to prepare you for the admission test: the questions on which the online simulations are based are extracted at random from the University's own historic database of questions.

You can access a trial test of 20 questions free of charge, and then register to access the simulator itself.

Important: the registration process for use of the simulator is different from that for the admissions tests. Being registered for the simulator does not mean that you are also registered for the test, and vice-versa.

Do a trial run on the DEMO SYSTEM

At first access, a €20 credit card payment buys you 3 simulations; if you wish to proceed with more tests, every simulation costs you an additional €5, again payable by credit card. At the start of each test, you can choose the degree course for which you wish to do the simulation (so the 3 simulations do not have to be all for the same course - you can choose for each one).

The system offers you a precise simulation of the admissions test, with the correct times and with questions specified by the Call for Applications for the real test.

You cannot stop part way through; the time counts down and at the end of the specified number of minutes the test ends automatically if you do not close it, before providing the results of the answers given. The system shows the right answers, indicates any mistakes and provides a statistic of right answers subdivided by topic, to give you an idea of where you need to revise to be better prepared for the test.

Tests cannot be downloaded but can only be taken online, and nor is it possible to purchase all the thousands of questions in the simulator; the system only offers simulations with questions extracted at random.

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Simulation Tests for Master's Degree in Biotechnology and Medical Biology

Two samples of the admission tests held in the past years can be downloaded here below:

bmb2019 bmb2020