After Graduation

After Graduation


Since 2005, the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has been a member of the AlmaLaurea Consortium.

About AlmaLaurea

Since 1994, AlmaLaurea, the interuniversity consortium, has included a growing number of universities and collates a substantial amount of information on graduates from the involved universities (see

Its functions:

  • AlmaLaurea helps to provide the Governance Bodies of the member Universities with rapid access to reliable documentation and verification services, in order to support their decision-making processes and the planning of their activities.
  • AlmaLaurea democratises young people's access to the labour market, assisting companies and institutions with recruitment and bringing together supply and demand in the area of highly qualified labour.
  • AlmaLaurea analyses the efficacy of universities' educational offerings by surveying the opinions and experience of all undergraduates as they near the ends of their courses. It also monitors students' educational programmes and analyses graduates' characteristics and performances to allow comparisons between different courses, campuses and faculties (the results of the surveys are available for consultation at

Some good reasons for compiling the questionnaire and keeping it up to date

  • Your University values your opinion, to assist in its continual improvement
  • Your anonymous comments will provide us with important feedback, enabling us to offer those who come after you the improvements derived from your experience
  • Your CV is certified and generally available
  • Since 1994, AlmaLaurea has been consulted on a daily basis by hundreds of public and private institutions and Italian and foreign companies, due to the breadth and reliability of the information it provides. When submitting applications, always use the AlmaLaurea Curriculum Vitae:
  • it is CERTIFIED by your university (you can print it and save it on your PC at any time).
  • Data protection
  • To protect your personal data, AlmaLaurea can only be consulted by companies and institutions for recruitment and professional training purposes.
  • Conserve your username and password
  • Conserve the personal username and password assigned to you: as well as compilation of the questionnaire, they will also enable you - permanently - to access all the services available on
  • Check and update your CV on the Internet
  • You will decide how you wish to be visible in the database, even before you graduate.
  • Once you have graduated, as soon as your University has completed your CV with the official data (final mark, dissertation title, etc.), AlmaLaurea will publish your Curriculum Vitae. You can then use the username and password with which you compiled the questionnaire to update your CV at any time (also including your work experience) and check how companies are viewing it.
  • Consult "Look for job offer" services
  • The AlmaLaurea website publishes a large number of job offers; click the advertisement that interests you and submit your application using the Curriculum Vitae in the database, which will be sent straight to the person in charge of recruitment.



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