After Graduation

After Graduation

Post-Graduate Internships for Psychology Masters students

For admission to the state licensing examination to practise as a psychologist (Albo A), candidates must have completed a 12-month professional internship involving a total of at least 1000 hours of attendance, after the award of their Master's degree.

Internships are undertaken in 2 consecutive semesters of at least 500 hours each, and must cover the applicational aspects of at least two of the following areas:

  • General and Experimental Psychology: cognitive psychology, psychology of learning, psychology of the personality, cognitive neuroscience.
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology: educational psychology, emotional-relational development psychology, cognitive developmental psychology, developmental disorders.
  • Clinical Psychology: dynamic psychology, hospital psychology, addiction psychology, clinical neuropsychology, rehabilitation neuropsychology.
  • Social, Labour and Organisational Psychology: labour psychology, communication psychology, health psychology, community psychology, ergonomics.

In accordance with the national guidelines for post-graduate professional internships published by the National Council of Psychologists (CNOP), Organisations and Tutors must be accredited by the Lombardy Order of Psychologists (OPL), which has delegated this function to its new Joint Committee consisting of members of the Order itself and the Internship Officers of all Lombardy Universities (Sacro Cuore University – Milan and Brescia campuses, Bergamo University, Milan-Bicocca University, Pavia University, e-Campus Digital University, and Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan).

Organisations cannot apply to the Universities for agreements enabling them to host interns at their locations until they have this accreditation.

Graduates from other Italian Universities who wish to carry out a licensing internship in Psychology  at San Raffaele Hospital, can directly contact the tutors on the list available on the OPL website, contacting their university of origin for insurance practices.

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