Clinical Paediatric Cardiology: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects

Post-graduate program

The Post-graduate program Clinical Paediatric Cardiology: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects aims to increase the skills of professionals with cardiological and paediatric backgrounds, interested in focusing on this specific clinical and instrumental area.

The English language, the interaction with a team of international experts and the analysis of clinical cases discussed during the lessons, constitute the added value of this training proposal.

The structure of the program allows you to combine training commitments with work needs, as well as being broadcastes in live online mode.

Who can apply?

The Post-graduate program in Clinical Paediatric Cardiology: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects is aimed at graduates in Medicine and Surgery, Specialists in Cardiology, Specialists in Paediatrics.

Application procedure for paediatric cardiology

The course includes online lessons in English and interactive discussion of clinical cases.

Basic knowledge and suggestions for in-depth analysis will be proposed in the field of pediatric cardiology, especially regarding structural congenital heart disease, analyzing the most frequent ones, the methods of presentation, the diagnostic tools, the therapeutic options and the methods of follow-up.

The lessons will focus on fetal cardiology, magnetic resonance techniques, basic techniques for performing cardiac catheterization, basic notions of anesthesia and resuscitation, including perioperative management and ideas regarding corrective and palliative cardiac surgery techniques.

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Training program Paediatric Cardiology