What is Biko?

What is Biko?

How those it work?

Using BIKO is as easy as riding!
1. Get your pass by filling out online the form provided in which you will have to write your first and last names, fiscal code, address, city, e-mail address and cell phone number. The system will text you a 4 digit release code which you will have to enter in the subsequent page where you will have to enter a password you have chosen and which you will need for further accesses.
2. Go to the relevant BIKO counter:

BIKO UniSR employees
UniSR Administration
DIBIT 2 – Basilica – 2° floor – room n. 31
Opening hours: every day from 9:00 to 12:00 am
Clelia Cantoni – number 02 91751 521 – e-mail cantoni.clelia@unisr.it
Dania Perini – number 02 91751 520 – e-mail perini.dania@unisr.

BIKO UniSR students
Front Office Segreteria Studenti
DIBIT 2 – Basilica – floor -1
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 11:30 am

You will get a card which you will use to hire a bike. The card is personal and non-tansferable. In the case a user does not want to hire bicycles, he/she will have to return the card to the counter where he/she has collected it.
– If you come from the Hospital, you can enter the metrorail station at Cascina Gobba (MM2) only if you already have a valid ATM transport ticket or pass;
– If you come from Cascina Gobba underground station, you can enter the BIKO docking station, located beneath the metrorail, it is necessary to have the BIKO card you received after registration.
3. Hire a bike as follows:
– Put the card on the docking device located on the bicycle handlebar;
– Press the button on the device: a yellow led light will indicate the hire request, after a few seconds the light will turn green and the bike will be released;
– Pull the bike out.
– You can hire a bike only after three minutes have passed from the last use of that bicycle;
– If you see a red light while you are about to hire a bike, that means that bicycle is out of order: in that case, chose another bicycle and repeat the procedure.
4. Leave your bicycle at the docking station nearest to your destination. Push the bike firmly into any empty docking point. A yellow light will indicate a return request; after a few seconds the light will turn green which will show that the bike has been securely docked. If the light turns red, press the button on the device and wait for the led light to become green. BIKO card is not necessary to dock a bike back.
5. Use BIKO online service to spot all stations on a map and number of bicycles available in each docking station; You can even book a bike (not earlier than half an hours before hiring a bicycle). Through the online service you can modify all data inserted during registration and also change your access password.
Never leave your bike unattended!

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