What is Biko?

What is Biko?

Rules for Biko

1) You have to be a member to use the scheme by registering here. Membership pass is valid for 1 year from activation. All passes activated during the first launch year will be for free for 1 year.
2) The scheme opening hours are 06.00-23.00 365 days a year, apart from circumstances beyond one’s control or due to necessity imposed by San Raffaele Hospital.
IMPORTANT: the docking station of Cascina Gobba whose opening and closing times correspond to those of the metrorail which connects line 2 of Milan underground to San Raffaele Hospital: from Monday to Saturday, from 6:40am to 8pm; on Sundays and holidays, from 1pm to 8pm.
3) Bikes can be used for short journeys within the San Raffaele hospital area up to the metrorail station at Cascina Gobba, following road sings and footpaths and cycle paths.
4) Choose your bike, and check the tyres, brakes and bell, adjust the saddle height. In case of faulty or damaged bikes, you can return and secure the bike in a docking point and wait 3 minutes before hiring another bike within the same bike access period.
5) Bikes can be used up to 90 minutes per trip. Exceeding this period for three times over the pass validity period will definitely prevent the user from having access to the scheme.
6) In case of failure to dock back a bike within 24 hours from the latest hire, the user will have to pay a € 150 euro fine and the pass will be suspended.
7) In the case a bike is stolen, lost or damaged due to the user’s fault or in the case a user does not return the bike, a penalty equal to the value of the lost, damaged or stolen bicyle up to € 1,000 will apply.
8) The abovementioned amounts will be charged by Ospedale San Raffaele and Vita-Salute San Raffaele University through compensation on the hospital employees’ wages and will be requested to students along with their tuition fees.
9) The pass card is personal and non-transferable; security staff of San Raffaele hospital is authorized to carry out spot checks, randomly. The improper use of the pass card will imply the suspension of the pass and banning.
10) In case of lost, stolen or broken pass card, the user immediately has to report to the office where the card was issued and will apply for a new one for the price of € 5.
11) When the pass membership has expired, the user can be renewed according to current terms. In the case a user no longer wishes to make use of the scheme, he/she will have to return the pass card at the terminal office where he/she collected the card.
12) Users must use bikes with precaution in order to guarantee one’s own safety and that of the others. In any case, the user will always have to respect the traffic signals and highway code, which he/she declares to know well.
13) Users are directly responsible for all damages caused to themselves and third parties, in the case they are attributable to their conduct and to non-observance of the rules herein provided.
14) No bicycle shall be used to carry more people at one time; the only authorized person is the user.
15) It is forbidden to ride a bike on one wheel or grabbing onto a moving car.
16) The user is totally responsible for the bicycle he/she hired. He/she will be charged with all damages caused out of carelessness or improper use.
17) If the docking station is full, the user will have to dock the bicycle back to the next nearest docking terminal.
18) In the case a security guard should find a bicycle unattended, the relative pass membership will be suspended.
19) The bike-sharing scheme cannot be used by people under 18 years of age.

In case of emergencies connected with the scheme, please dial: +39 02 2643 3131
For information, cycle faults or malfunction, please report to biko@hsr.it

Updated instructions on how to hire and return your bike





  • put the card on the docking device located on the bike handlebar
  • press the activation button while the BIKO card is still on the device: a flashing red light will indicate that the hire request has gone through. After a few seconds the light will turn green and the bike will be released
  • save your card and pull the bike



  • if the flashing red light turns steady red, it means that the bike cannot be hired. Try with another bike, if you experience the same problem again please email biko@hsr.it
  • if the flashing light is both red and green, all bikes in the docking station are already reserved. Please reach another BIKO docking station to hire your bike
  • You will need to wait three minutes before hiring another bike



  • make sure that the bike is perpendicular to the docking station and that the front wheel is in the right position in the stand
  • push the bike, ensure that it is blocked and press the button on the bike handlebar. A flashing red light will indicate that your request has gone through; after a few seconds the light will turn green which confirms that the bike has been securely docked



  • if the flashing red light turns steady red, it means that your request of docking the bike has been unsuccessful. Please try again, this time pushing the button on the bike handlebar at the same time
  • after having returned the bike, the fact that it cannot be pulled out does not mean that the bike has been docked correctly. You have to press the activation button and wait until it turns green
  • if the light is not flashing it means that it hasn’t been automatically activated. Press the button and, if the light is still not flashing, please contact biko@hsr.it
  • if your bike was not docked correctly you will not be allowed to hire another one until the first one has been properly docked. Please double check among your hiring data that the last bike used has been docked correctly. For any issue please contact biko@hsr.it

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