UniSR Residences

UniSR Residences

Common Areas

The Residences are within walking distance of the University, so students can enjoy the services of  their Residence and the University with equal ease. The services include a canteen, which will also be available for evening meals, Wifi points, a First Aid room and other general services.  Nearby there is also a shopping area called “Galleria delle Botteghe” which offers a supermarket, a restaurant, a pizzeria, a bar, a bookshop, cash machines, a laundrymat,  hairdresser’s and other shops.

The rooms
All the rooms are single and have their own bathroom.  They are furnished with a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe and have a safe and a small fridge.  Internet and telephone services are available.  The rates include weekly cleaning and linen change.

Common Areas
Both Residences have study rooms, a breakfast room, a TV room and a conference room.  There are also laundry services and a fully-equipped gym.
For more information on restrictions on the use of the common areas due to the Covid-19 emergency, we invite you to read carefully the University guidelines available on our website in this section:Info Covid-19 UniSR.

The Gyms

"mens sana in corpore sano"

The gyms are equipped with the latest fitness equipment.

Access is regulated by a regulation to which students must comply and in specific hours. Students need to be a CUS member in order to access the gyms and in any case to show a medical certificate.
Students will have the opportunity to carry out other sports activities offered by the university organization.


  •     bike 500 SPLED
  •     equipped benches
  •     JOH FORMA, WOG treadmill
  •     Rack with series of dumbbells of different weight
  •     Equipped walls PLURIMA MULTISTATION - WALL MF40

The Laundry Rooms

Students living in the residences can wash their clothes using the equipment available in the laundry room.

Both domestic washing machines and dryers are available for the use of which you must there is a timetable and dedicated regulation.

There is also an ironing room, also regulated by precise rules in order to guarantee the safety and correct use of the tools

CUS Sports Center

In order to encourage and promote sporting activities at an amateur and competitive level, the Vita-Salute University has established a collaboration with the Milan University Sports Center.
Upon enrollment in Cus Milano, more than two hundred courses, ski and sailing campuses and interfaculty tournaments can be attended. Representatives of our university are also expected to participate in inter-university men and women's football, volleyball, rugby and basketball championships.

For information send an e-mail to:
UniSR Live Campus email live.campus@unisr.it
Ph. +39.2.91 751572

or contact directly:

Cus Milan
Via Circonvallazione Est, 11 - Segrate (MI) 027021141  Email:cusmilano@cusmilano.it