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#TalentiUniSR: Mattia Sisti

12 February 2019

Like every month, the #TalentiUniSR form presents a talented UniSR current (or former) student: in this issue we introduce you Mattia Sisti. After graduating summa cum laude in Philosophy from Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, he moved to St. John’s College, Durham University (UK) to do a Master in Ancient Philosophy, which he earned with Distinction. Over the past few years, Mattia travelled the world: he was in Berlin to learn German, in Beijing for an internship with the China Italy Chamber of Commerce and in Lebanon where he cared for the Iraqi refugees with a volunteering project run by Franciscan monks and lastly in Milan for a summer internship with an asset management company. In his free time, Mattia writes articles and letters to the editor for Italian newspapers such as Business Insider Italia, Atlantico Magazine, Dagospia, Strade Online, la Fondazione Magna Carta, Italia Oggi and Il Quotidiano Nazionale. Mattia is currently doing a DPhil in Philosophy at Oriel College, Oxford University (UK). He believes that “Vita-Salute San Raffaele University instilled in me the passion for a philosophical thinking that is mindful of present issues but also receptive of the past”.


Mattia Sisti

Your University Studies

BA in Philosophy at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University; MA in Ancient Philosophy at St John’s College, Durham University; DPhil in Philosophy at Oriel College, Oxford University

Why you enrolled at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

Because of its faculty made of philosophers, known both in Italy and abroad, and based on an interdisciplinary approach

What opportunities our University has given you

It allowed me to continue my higher education abroad and always in excellent universities, such as Durham for my MA and Oxford for my DPhil. Further, it fostered my intellectual curiosity towards the outer world: in Berlin and in the UK I learnt a new language, in Beijing I discovered a new culture and in Lebanon I approached the voluntary sector. Lastly, it gave me an excellent command of academic research: I published my undergraduate dissertation as a monograph, La Sindrome di Siracusa, and a scientific article, La demonologia di Cleante e Crisippo, on the peer review journal Rivista di Filosofia Neoscolastica

What you currently deal with

I am DPhil student: the object of my thesis is the reception of ancient philosophy, especially Heraclitus and the ancient Pyrrhonists (Pyrrho and Sextus Empiricus) in the thought of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Apart from that, I often write articles and letters to the editor about international and Italian politics and economic issues

The strong point of studying at San Raffaele

Instilling in its students the passion for academic research and its application to the present

Your best quality


Favorite quote

Philosophy as I have understood it and lived it so far is a life lived freely in ice and high mountains – visiting all the strange and questionable aspects of existence” (Ecce Homo, Friedrich Nietzsche)

Your dream in the drawer

I would like to put my international experiences to good use where I have my roots: in Italy

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