Breakin' Science: San Raffaele researchers bring science to schools

27 May 2019

Breakin' Science is the project of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital that brings science to schools!

It has just ended the experience that led more than 30 researchers from San Raffaele in 18 classes of different institutes in Milan, reaching out more than 400 students.

Breakin' Science is introduced by a brief presentation that revises some basic concepts of cell biology, and from the game "guess the researcher", in which the students are given some clues to guess the field of study of the researchers: each one is then left space to tell his research in an accessible way. Students are then divided into groups for practical activities: DNA extraction from mucosal cells of the mouth, vision of cells and tissues under the microscope and use of the electrophoresis apparatus to analyze DNA. The groups are organized so as to allow everyone to carry out all the activities.

At the end of this first year, the collected feedback was definitely positive: the students were fascinated and involved, full of questions and curiosities, the teachers were interested in this interactive science that integrates and completes what they teach at school, the researchers were glad for having passed on the passion and enthusiasm for their work.

The appointment is set for next year, with new exciting activities!

Meanwhile, don't miss the public engagement initiatives of UniSR and OSR

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