Biotechnology in Medicine. The Request Meets the Offer: UniSR & Assobiotec-Federchimica Workshop

03 June 2019

What are the prospects of biotechnology in the medical area in Italy? What could be the professional opportunities for young biotechnologists? And what does the working life have to offer them? From this meeting between demand and offer, it was developed the idea of ​​a workshop between Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and Assobiotec-Federchimica, the National Association for the Development of Biotechnologies.

The meeting was designed for the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnological Research in Medicine, the Master's Degree Course in Biotechnology and Medical Biology and the PhD students in Molecular Medicine. The many voices proposed (Assobiotec-Federchimica, Genenta Sciences, Axxam, Bluebird Bio, Novartis, Innogest) represented a critical moment to discuss, help clarifying doubts and try together to find answers to the questions of tomorrow's researchers.

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