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The courage, the passion and the boldness: Maye Musk e Francesca Pasinelli si raccontano in UniSR

23 October 2023
The University

"Courage, Passion, and Audacity: Maye Musk and Francesca Pasinelli at UniSR"

Today, at UniSR, an extraordinary event titled "The Courage, The Passion, and The Boldness" took place, with the honored guest Maye Musk. The renowned entrepreneur shared her experiences alongside Francesca Pasinelli, both moderated by journalist Monica Maggioni, capturing the attention of more than 500 students.

The event provided a unique opportunity to delve into authentic life stories brimming with inspiration and passion.

Whatever obstacle stands in your way, you must face it and find a way to overcome it

Maye Musk declared to the 500 students of the University, emphasizing the power of determination during challenging times.

Inspiring Stories: The Power of Courage and Passion

Maye Musk, the celebrated Canadian entrepreneur, model, and influencer, who was raised in South Africa and is also known as the mother of Elon Musk, shared her extraordinary journey with a captivated audience. She emphasized the importance of a positive mindset, a well-structured plan, and the willingness to take risks as key factors in overcoming obstacles.

My children, have seen me make mistakes and solve problems because things often go awry. They have learned to live in the same way I learned from watching my parents."

But the inspiration didn't end with Maye Musk's accounts. During the event, Francesca Pasinelli, the CEO of the Telethon Foundation, shared how passion for her work and the courage to make decisions have been essential drivers in achieving ambitious goals. She also highlighted the significant collaboration with the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, which led to the creation of the San Raffaele Telethon for Gene Therapy in Milan (SR-Tiget), now an international benchmark for advanced therapy research.

My job is a privilege that provides me with an answer to the question about the meaning of life that I asked myself at a certain point in my existence. For this reason, I do not feel the fatigue and consider myself very fortunate

Francesca Pasinelli stated.

The opportunity to hear stories not only of success but also of passion and determination, even during challenging times, was a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone in the audience.


The event "The Courage, The Passion, and The Boldness"

The event "The Courage, The Passion, and The Boldness" at UniSR was an authentic moment of inspiration. Maye Musk and Francesca Pasinelli shared their experiences of courage, passion, and determination, proving that overcoming obstacles is possible with the right mindset.

The audience, consisting of over 500 students, had the chance to learn invaluable life stories, courage, and passion. They realized that despite the challenges they may encounter on their journey, passion is a fundamental driving force for achieving results. It is from passion that audacity and courage to overcome obstacles arise, while staying focused on the goal.

The meeting with Maye Musk and Francesca Pasinelli marked a significant occasion, particularly for the students, enriching their campus experience by providing valuable insights, inspiration, and motivation

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