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A nurse is a healthcare professional who is responsible for nursing care and, as such, promotes health, cares for patients of all ages and provides health

education to individuals, families and the community (Italian Ministerial Decree no. 739/1994).

Of all the healthcare professions, that of the nurse is characterised by the special relationship that is established with the patient.

Indeed, nursing care focuses on the person, rather than on the illness: whereas medicine treats the disease, a nurse cares for the patient. The profession of nurse is not merely the most in-demand, it is also that which offers the greatest possibility for professional development in all fields of medicine.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing provides students with a structured course that focuses on the development of clinical reasoning in order to identify the

person’s care needs, to plan and manage evidence-based nursing interventions and, lastly, to assess the results of the care provided.

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