Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

A nurse is a healthcare professional who is responsible for nursing care and, as such, promotes health, cares for patients of all ages and provides health
education to individuals, families and the community (Italian Ministerial Decree no. 739/1994).

Of all the healthcare professions, that of the nurse is characterised by the special relationship that is established with the patient.
Indeed, nursing care focuses on the person, rather than on the illness: whereas medicine treats the disease, a nurse cares for the patient. The profession of nurse is not merely the most in-demand, it is also that which offers the greatest possibility for professional development in all fields of medicine.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing provides students with a structured course that focuses on the development of clinical reasoning in order to identify the
person’s care needs, to plan and manage evidence-based nursing interventions and, lastly, to assess the results of the care provided.


The UniSR Bachelor’s degree in Nursing trains future nurses by providing the theoretical frameworks, methodologies and instruments (of a technical,
interpersonal and educational nature) that will allow them to become responsible nursing care professionals. By developing their clinical reasoning, students
will learn how to manage - with expertise and full autonomy - the health problems of their patients, by choosing appropriate evidence-based, person-oriented
interventions and subsequently evaluating the results achieved.

Tutorage system

Specially-trained staff with well-honed tutorage skills accompany each student throughout the course.


Highly internationally acclaimed teaching staff

Clinical training

Gradual acquisition of professional skills core, through on-the-job training in hospital units

What the statistics say


Employment rate one year after graduation


Percentage of students who believe their degree prepared them properly for their work


Percentage of students who are satisfied with the work performed during their Degree

Alma Laurea data for 2016

Heads of the Course

Prof. Massimo Clementi
Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Massimo Clementi

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+39 02 9175 1541
+39 02 9197 1454

Prof. Roberto Chiesa
President of the Degree Course

Prof. Roberto Chiesa

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+39 02 2643 7130
+39 02 2643 7148

Prof. Duilio Manara
Director of the Degree Course

Prof. Duilio Manara

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+39 02 2643 2941
+39 02 2643 2522

Nursing care focuses on the person, rather than on the illness: whereas medicine treats the disease, a nurse cares for the patient.