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The Program

The Bachelor’s Degree in Obstetrics of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University trains professionals who carry out activities aimed at preventing, treating and safeguarding individual and collective health, assisting women along their physiological evolutionary path. 

The 180 credits acquired in the 3 years of the course constitute a training background that allows both direct placement in public and private health facilities and access to specialized training. 

Targets: assisting women along their evolutionary path

The aim of the Degree Course is to train professionals in the field of preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative obstetric, gynecological and neonatological assistance, of a technical, relational and educational nature, respecting high training standards and remaining in line with the provisions of the professional profile. 

UniSR Obstetrics graduates will therefore be able to take care of the physical and mental well-being of women, couples and families, independently and in collaboration with other professionals in case of need

During the professionalizing path, the student will learn to carry out his own activity in the social context in which he finds himself, but will also acquire skills and professional abilities that can be spent in other countries. 

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Internship: theoretical knowledge together with the practical experience

From the very first year of study, professional internships carried out under the supervision of a tutor assistant are provided at the San Raffaele Hospital and in other health facilities affiliated with the University. 

The student will receive complete training, thanks to the opportunity to develop practical skills to complement the theoretical knowledge learned in the various teaching courses. 

Tutorship: supporting students throughout the training course

The tutorial system adopted by the UniSR Bachelor’s Degree in Obstetrics is mainly based on two figures with advanced tutorship skills - the Professional Tutor and the Internship Assistant - who accompany the students throughout their training. 

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