Laboratories 2022/2023 - Basic and Applied Immunology and Oncology

Please find below the list of the Supervisors (with a link to their CV) and their PhD Projects proposed for the academic year 2022/2023 for the curriculum in Basic and Applied Immunology and Oncology.


Project-Based Fellowship BAIO3: UNGARO FEDERICA

Unit: Division of Immunology, Department of Gastroenterology

BAIO3: The role of MFSD2A in the resolution of colorectal cancer-promoting inflammation: implications for innovative therapies

Project-based Fellowship BAIO4: STEFANO CASCINU

Unit: Medical Oncology

Funded in the context of financing pursuant to DM 351 of 9 April, 2022 (M4C1 – Inv. 4.1 -  Ricerca PNRR)

BAIO4: AI-HOPE Lung cancer: building a predictive tool for metastatic lung cancer

Project-Based Fellowship BAIO5: KUKA MIRELA

Unit: Dynamics of Immune Responses

BAIO5:In depth characterization of monocyte-B cell interactions in infection and cancer


Unit: Chromatin Dynamics

CXCR4-mediated antitumor immunization


Unit: Genomics of the innate immune system

Spatial diversity of tumor-associated macrophages


Unit: Diabetes Research Institute - Tissue & Systemic Immunity Lab embedded in the Beta Cell Biology Unit

Investigation of CD8 T cell-mediated mechanisms of insulin-resistance in human obesity and type 2 diabetes