Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Laboratories 2020/2021 - Experimental and Clinical Medicine

Please find below the list of the Supervisors (with a link to their CV) and their PhD Projects proposed for the academic year 2022/2023 for the curriculum in Experimental and Clinical Medicine.

Project-Based Fellowship ECM3: ANTONIO ESPOSITO

Unit: Experimental Imaging Center

Funded in the context of financing pursuant to DM 351 of 9 April, 2022 (M4C1 – Inv. 4.1 - Ricerca PNRR)

ECM3: Periluminal AI-driven radiomics for stratification of patientsvulnerability on Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography


Unit: URI-Urological Research Institute

Translational analysis of Von Hippel-Lindau related clear cell renal cell carcinoma