Inclusion Office

Inclusion Office

Candidates with disability or with SLD

Candidates with valid certification must follow the procedure described in the Call within the deadlines set by the Call itself: they will receive an adequate response in time.

Candidates with disabilities can ask for:

- additional time of 30% (can be increased to 50% if a specific request is made and if deemed necessary by the specific pathology)

- tools necessary for the specific pathology.

Candidates with SLD can ask for:

- additional time of 30%

- additional compensatory tools, such as unscientific calculator or coaching by a tutor chosen by the University (if explicitly stated in the certification as a diagnosis and not just as recommended tools)

The certificate must be sent in Italian or in English.

IMPORTANT: the steps to follow to request additional time, calculator, tutor for the admission test are two and they are indicated in the call for applicant and on the Application guide.

- upload the certification

- insert the request

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