Health and Safety Service


The Health and Safety Service is tasked with achieving occupational health and safety conditions intended to deliver the highest technologically feasible level of safety.

Its duties, defined by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended, are:

  • to identify and assess workplace health and safety risks;
  • to draw up preventive and protective measures and regulations for the use of protective equipment, in accordance with the relevant legislation, on the basis of specific knowledge of the individual company organisation, and systems for the monitoring and control of the said measures;
  • to issue safety procedures for the University's various activities;
  • to propose educational and, where required, training programmes with regard to health and safety;
  • to provide workers (and students, who are also classified as workers for this purpose) with information regarding the health and safety of their activities;
  • to participate in discussions on the subject of occupational health and safety with the other entities involved in the safety management system.

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