Health and Safety Service

Health and Safety Service


This section lists the documents, in some cases drawn up in association with other departments with regard to the specific activity performed, which define the procedures for implementation of the legal provisions. The complete documentation is made available to University staff in the quality system documentation on the Intranet; credentials are required to access it.

1. Safety manual

Training information documentation with regard to occupational health and safety is made available to staff and students, independently or in association with e-learning or traditional training courses, and contains the main information relating to:

  • Contents of Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended
  • Safety management system entities and specific duties
  • General protective measures
  • Occupational risks
  • Risk-related preventive and protective measures
  • Collective and personal protective equipment
  • Specific safety procedures
  • Management of emergencies

These manuals are made available in both Italian and English.

2. Management of safety training for students

The procedures for the fulfilment of information and training obligations in relation to students are covered by the Operating Regulation "Safety Organisation for UniSR Students” (“Organizzazione della sicurezza rivolta agli Studenti UniSR”), available in the quality system documentation on the Intranet.

This document describes the activities and duties of the various UniSR entities for the correct fulfilment of the legal obligations contained in Legislative Decrees 81/2008 and 230/1995, applicable to students.

The document is completed by a series of annexes made available for implementation of the regulations.

3. Management of pregnancies

The "Management of pregnancies for the protection of working mothers" (“Gestione delle gravidanze a tutela della maternità”) Operating Regulation, provided in the quality system documentation on the Intranet, assesses the health and safety risks faced by pregnant women and new or nursing mothers until seven months after the birth, in accordance with article 11 of Legislative Decree 151/01 and article 28 comma 1 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, and establishes the procedures for the protection of mothers and children enforced by Legislative Decree no. 151 of 26 March 2001 "Consolidation Law on maternity and paternity rights, in accordance with art. 15 of Law no. 53 of 8 March 2000" and related legislation.

4. Management of injuries to students

The "Management of injuries to students" Operating Regulation, available in the quality system documentation on the Intranet, provides operating instructions for students and teaching staff for the management of injuries to students.

The document consists of a series of enclosures provided for the implementation of the provisions of the regulation itself.


5. Management of Emergencies

The Health and Safety Service's activities include the preparation of emergency and evacuation plans for the various locations.

This implies the preparation of specific procedures for the management of emergencies for each location, considering:

  • the location's structure and systems
  • the human resources present
  • the activities present
  • the risk factors present
  • the degree of relevant training/knowledge of the staff present
  • the preparation of emergency floor plans for display in workplaces
  • the selection and activation of emergency teams or emergency management staff
  • regular emergency drills.

The emergency management plans were prepared in association with other entities in the case of buildings with multiple occupants and regulate the behaviours to be adopted in the case of emergencies occurring in the University.

With regard to preventive and protective measures to reduce fire risk, it should be remembered that a Smoking Ban is in force inside and in the immediate vicinity of all premises. The ban applies to all forms of smoking, including vaping.

For the emergency management plans for the University Residences, reference should be made to the specific page.

6. First aid

The "First Aid Management"

Operating Regulation has been drawn up to define the procedures for ensuring effective, rapid action in situations where first aid is required, through:

  • The provision of emergency equipment (defibrillators and first aid kits)
  • The selection and training of staff
  • The management of first aid activation procedures

For the management of first aid in the University Residences, reference should be made to the specific page.

7. Risk alerts

While all risk alerts can be sent to the Health and Safety Service by email (, workers also have access, using their credentials, to a digital alert system (NCIS) available via the Intranet.

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