UniSR PhD students win first prize at 6th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging

04 aprile 2017

Dr. Silvia Caminiti and Dr. Arianna Sala are two students attending the International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine from the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, and authors of a study selected among the best scientific works presented last 27th March at 6th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging (ECCN 2017) in Rome. Supervisor of their PhD is Prof. Daniela Perani, Full Professor (permanent position) of Neuroscience and Head of the “In vivo Human Molecular and Structural Neuroimaging” Unit, Neuroscience Division, San Raffaele Hospital.

Their research, “FDG-PET metabolic connectome in the spectrum of synucleinopathies”, after a careful examination for the international scientific committee, won the sought-after “2017 ECCN Award”.
Dr. Caminiti and Sala declared: “Participating to this Conference gave us the opportunity to show our results and to compare us to illustrious personalities of international scientific panorama in the fields of neuroimaging and neurodegenerative diseases. Despite an initial tension, given the presence of worldwide experts, our presentation was a huge success, making us very proud of our results and of the work done!”.

Congratulations to our Silvia and Arianna!

For further info about the International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine visit: http://www.unisr.it/en/medicine-and-surgery/ddr-internazionale-in-medicina-molecolare/

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