UniSR in Milan, the most international Italian city

29 agosto 2019

At the heart of Europe


Vita-Salute San Raffaele is based in Milan, the most international Italian city where every year thousands of international students decide to live and study. Milan is Italy’s financial capital, a modern city in the north of Italy whose architecture is in constant renewal. It is full of history, art and museums visited every year by tourists from all over the world. International services and facilities are being empowered every day as Milan turns into the international capital of Italy well connected to all of the most important Italian and foreign cities through high speed trains, low cost and international airline companies in three different airports.

Milan is close to the Alps and to the Lake of Como and Lake Maggiore offering visitors the opportunity to visit wonderful places within just a hour’s ride.

The area where the UniSR campus is located is well connected with public transportation to the city center. The University is in the east part of the city, close to Linate Airport and just few kilometres away from the city center.

The San Raffaele campus is also close to suburban municipalities and residential areas surround the site offering nice neighbourhoods with lots of parks and green areas. A unique campus, offering an unrivalled position for a medical school in the heart of a hospital and research complex with all facilities at a walking distance. With the very latest teaching facilities and with a friendly atmosphere the campus offers something for everyone.

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