Transfer Students

General Information on transfers

Only Students enrolled to Medical Schools can request a direct transfer to a higher year. All other students (for example students who have completed a BA/Bsc and pre-med course or come from other health related degrees)  must sit the entry test to the International MD Program and gain admission. Once enrolled, they may request an evaluation of their preceding career.

Applications for transfers to the ay 2018/2019 closed on July 27, 2018. 

The Transfer procedure illustrated below is for transfers to 2018/2019. The information will be updated for 2019/2020 in summer 2019 for transfer applications to be sent in duing the month of July. Please acknolwedge there may be some changes to the existing procedure so keep a watch on this page for updates.

If you are currently enrolled to a Medical School and wish to transfer to our International MD Program, in order for your request to be evaluated please acknowledge that:

  • Your University must be listed in the World Directory of Medicine and must be recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Country where the University is based.
  • Requests for transfers to year 5 or 6 are not considered.
  • For the a.y  2018/2019, as indicated in the official Call DR 5630 there is at present n° 1 place available in year 2, 3 and 4. This number may or may not increase after September 30.
  • All documentation you send in for the evaluation must have the seal and signature of the University of origin. The grading system must be indicated as well and any foreign document (transcripts/syllabi/etc) must be either in Italian or English. If the documentation comes in any other language, the Student will have to provide a verified translation into English.


Corso di Laurea Magistrale International MD Program: Call DR 5630 2018/2019 Transfer procedure to the International MD Program International MD Program: Transfer Application Form International MD Program: TABLE A

The IMDP Syllabus is available for comparing course curricula

All documentation sent in must be complete and sent via email.Requests are not evaluated if the documentation sent in is incomplete.
The exam indicated in the procedure will be held in September . This exam will be held in the University in Milan only