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General Information on transfers

If you wish to transfer to the International MD Program, please acknowledge that requests can only be sent according to the official procedure which is published each year in the months of June/July on this page: Incoming transfers to Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele

The official procedure confirms:

Applications deadlines

Application modalities and documents to be sent

Number of places available for each year.

Please also note that usually:

  • All documentation you send in for the evaluation must have the seal and signature of the University of origin. The grading system must be indicated as well and any foreign document (transcripts/syllabi/etc) must be either in Italian or English. If the documentation comes in any other language, the Student will have to provide for a verified translation into English
  • The transfer is ultimately confirmed, after positive evaluation, based on the number of places available in the year you are requesting the transfer to. Please note that not all years are accessible as transfer student.
  • Applications which do not follow the official procedure will not be considered.