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The IMDP curriculum

Throughout the initial five semesters of the academic program, the curriculum centers on an in-depth exploration of fundamental scientific principles and preclinical topics, with an emphasis on establishing a solid foundation through a multidisciplinary approach by proposing three elective courses, starting from the first year of studies where students will learn about:

- Language and Behaviour for those who want to take care of people;
- Nursing with an immersive 25-hour practical experience where students can   gain insight into patient needs; 
- The Scientific Method, Quantitative Biology and the Art of Medicine, in collaboration with selected teaching staff and experts to better understand what it means to carry out medical research.

The program also explores the acute patient, encompassing internal medicine, emergency surgery, and intensive care. Starting from the sixth semester, the IMDP students can shape their learning experience and direct themselves towards a specialized career path. With characterizing and selective tracks available, they can make an informed decision on what best suits their passions and professional aspirations.

Starting from year 2, students have the opportunity to select areas of greater specialization in addition to the solid basic medical-surgical training. This implies that, in addition to the fundamental skills provided by the basic training, they have the flexibility to focus on specific topics of greater interest or relevance to their future medical practice.

This customization opportunity allows students to tailor their educational path to their inclinations and professional aspirations. In practice, they can delve into specific topics, acquiring a more detailed and in-depth knowledge in certain areas of medicine. This approach broadens students' perspectives, enabling them to develop more advanced and specialized expertise in particular medical disciplines. This is done by allowing the students to choose among 4 Tracks.

  • General track, which offers students the opportunity to develop a personalized path choosing among elective courses in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics, and Research.
  • Medicine and Surgery Track,where studentsgain early and comprehensive exposure to the clinical setting from the start of the Medical School curriculum.
  • Global Health Track, in which students can deepen their knowledge of public medicine and social-health management and explore topics such as Healthcare Management, Health Economics, and Access to Medicine in Low-Income Countries.
  • Translational Research Track, which immerses students in preclinical, clinical, and translational research settings and can stimulate their potential as a future researcher with exposure to Bioinformatics & System Biology, Omics Sciences, Flow Cytometry in translational and clinical science. 

Apart from the General Track, the other tracks are selective and reserved for high-achieving students and have a maximum capacity of 20 students each.

At the end of year 6, all students will be awarded the degree title of Medical Doctor, regardless of the chosen track. 

In addition, the program offers a distinctive block in the last semester that is free of classes and exams, allowing students to fully devote themselves to their thesis research. This research – termed Additional project, is a unique opportunity and can be conducted at UniSR or another Italian or foreign institution.

During their studies, students will also undergo mandatory licensing rotations.These curricular activities allow IMDP graduates to be immediately granted a license to work as doctors in Italy and access to Post Graduate Specialization Courses. 

English is the official languageforlessons, activities and examinations. However, learning Italian is compulsory for better interaction with patients during clinical rotations. A B1 Level of knowledge of Italian will be requested by the end of year 2 therefore an Italian language course is offered to all international students during the first two years.

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