Relazioni internazionali/Erasmus+

Relazioni internazionali/Erasmus+

UniSR Erasmus Policy Statement

We believe that knowledge is of fundamental interest for its central role in the evolution process regarding education, science, culture and communication in the context of a society which is constantly developing and which needs to be always more equal, supportive and inclusive. Knowledge as the real “resource” of tomorrow’s society, a society which feeds on its diversities and abilities and extends its perimeter embracing social, ethical and political issues.  A world which promotes sharing and dissemination of knowledge in an inclusive prospect and where knowledge is a common good, available to and achievable by everyone.

Our mission is to consolidate and develop this vocation. Innovation through knowledge goes hand in hand with the original Mission of the University which is to answer the question QUID EST HOMO? whereas the centre of inspiration remains the essential dimensions of human beings: mind, body and soul.

Our University embraces the mission to answer this question with the establishment of its three Schools: Psychology, Medicine and Philosophy. Each School develops and analyses the three essential dimensions of the human being and comprises an educational offer which spans from undergraduate to graduate degrees in addition to professional degree courses, Specialization schools, Masters and PhDs.

Excellence and quality are our drivers, which we seek both in the clinical field and in research and education and which we acknowledge cannot be attained without constant commitment. We are a small but highly specialized university affiliated to the San Raffaele Hospital, a leading Italian Research Hospital part of Italy’s largest hospital group, San Donato. The Students are at the centre of our strategies and all is developed around their needs in order to create the most exceptional student journey ever.

The context in which we operate is also very much linked to the multidisciplinary, international and biomedical research community which is integrated with the San Raffaele Research Institute. Research is by nature without borders and this applies both to the circulation of data and information, and to people, whom we seek to recruit in the international academic arena, and whose interests also affect our contacts with other research centres and the possibility of funding research, especially at a European level. We are committed to strengthening our network that is not only internal but also external and international.

The Erasmus+ Programme is woven into our commitment to the implementation of cross-cutting activities (projects, seminars, participation in networks), in order to give concreteness to the idea of ​​interdisciplinarity. In addition, the establishment of a EU Policies and Strategies Office, the enhancement of participation in national and international networks and the recruitment of researchers of international excellence are envisaged.

We believe Universities have an important public role and our Third Mission is interpreted as an integral part of the founding function of our university which is to spread knowledge by engaging in the transmission of verified information in the scientific community, through the effective and correct communication of science to the public and in raising the critical and proactive awareness of public opinion.

We also believe in the dissemination of the added value of mobility experiences offered by the Erasmus+ Programme through ambassadors, participants and those who promote the importance of student associations both at the institutional level and outside as for example through the Erasmus Student Network to which we belong.

Our inspiration also finds ground in the idea of an agile and sustainable institution that aims at simplifying processes, enhancing strategies that facilitate access to services and committing firmly towards sustainability. We are actively involved in the reduction of the impact of our activities on the environment through specific sustainable initiatives.

We continue in our commitment to safeguarding and promoting the ECHE principles among the entire university community, guaranteeing equal opportunities, inclusion and non-discrimination as well as transparency of selection procedures and commitment towards complete recognition of the mobility in terms of credits throughout the implementation of the Erasmus Student Card and Erasmus Without Paper. We also commit ourselves to publishing our course catalogues in advance so as to support students in properly finalizing their learning agreements. We will continue to support students achieve the necessary language requirements before mobility and help them with practical everyday issues.

Concerning this latter, another macro aim of our university regards the digital transformation intended as the adoption of advanced didactic and research tools as well as the digitalization of administrative procedures in order to propose a highly qualified and qualifying educational offer supported by an efficient organization and services. This digital transformation applies also to the Mobility management, the Inter Institutional Agreements and the adoption of the Erasmus without Paper initiative.