Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy

The Faculty of Philosophy at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is located in one of the most important European centres of research, which places people, knowledge and health at the centre of its interests. It immediately understood philosophy to be a cultural activity with profound links to the pressing questions of our age. The faculty’s mission is therefore a critical rethinking of all forms of human action, starting out from the practices with which modern civilisation is weaved. A degree in philosophy indeed has a fundamental importance and utility if it enables us to think about our relationship with the world. Philosophy must be taught and practised as “concrete thought”.

The opposition between technical/scientific culture on the one hand and a humanistic/philosophical culture on the other loses significance from this point of view. Thought cannot limit itself to commenting on the first from the outside, but must rather sound out its presuppositions and models from the inside; likewise, on the other hand, understanding of the cultural past in all its complexity also represents an essential exercise for living in the present, experiencing it and understanding its peculiar knowledge.


The study of philosophy is a functional dimension to the competent practice of new professions, from the analysis and management of flows of knowledge to the management of public matters (politics, law, sociology, public ethics), from corporate organisation to professions connected to the Internet and the virtual world.

Philosophical training allows us to build professional figures able to perform critical analysis of contemporary developments and to insert themselves actively in productive organisations, for example as cultural operatives in public or private bodies, or in the field of applied ethics (bioethics, environmental, business or political ethics), publishing, HR development and training, human-machine interaction, corporate communication and advertising.

The bachelor’s degree programme also forms the necessary prerequisite for entering the research field or teaching in schools and universities, which is accessed via the master’s degree course and subsequent training paths

The Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy revolves around four main areas:

Questions regarding the foundation of thought and reality (logic, phenomenology, metaphysics and theology)

Scientific research into nature, man and language (philosophy of language, philosophy of the mind and cognitive sciences)

Reflection on what is good and right, both for the individual and the public at large (moral and political philosophy)

Historical investigation of ideas, culture and civilisation (history of philosophy, history of ideas)

Each area focuses on excellence of teaching and promotion of young researchers (with a focus on the doctoral programme), and is investigated in a close dialogue between professors and students on the one hand, and those active in the fields of science, politics, the arts, industry and the economy on the other

Why Study Philosophy at Unisr

The bachelor’s degree course offers a solid and extensive core foundation in philosophy. The authors and themes of tradition, to which extensive attention is dedicated, are projected onto historical and economic issues of the present era, in such a way that graduates are able to think differently and creatively about the state of contemporary culture. The courses, many of which are divided into modules and seminars, provide a unitary and organic overall framework of the different parts of philosophy. Through these methods, students will master the content and tools that philosophical tradition has fine tuned over the centuries to take on the fundamental questions of every age. The faculty’s four thematic areas are therefore covered with a unified vision (theory, science, morality and history), with the possibility to immediately begin preparation oriented towards the master’s degree course.

Head of Course

Prof. Roberto Mordacci
President of the Faculty of Philosophy:

Prof. Roberto Mordacci

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Prof. Claudia Bianchi
President of the Degree Course:

Prof. Claudia Bianchi

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Through philosophical education we are able to develop professional figures able to perform critical assessment of the developments of the contemporary age