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The Program

The Master’s Degree in Nursing and Obstetrics Sciences of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University aspires to to respond to the great demand for advanced skills in the nursing and obstetric fields in Italy.

Graduates will be health professionals able to design and manage innovative interventions aimed at the continuous improvement of their clinical practice, using the most up-to-date methodologies in the managerial, technological and pedagogical field of the research evidences.

The 120 credits acquired in the 2 years of the course constitute a training background that allows to take on professional leadership and consultancy roles in the contexts where the health professionals operate. Graduates will therefore be able to carry out teaching, tutoring, training planning, coordination and organizational management functions.

Targets: complete your 3-year training in Nursing and Obstetrics

Given the emerging challenges, the Program is conceived as the full disciplinary maturation of the competence profile offered by the three-year degrees in Nursing and Obstetrics and is aimed at training graduates in possession of advanced knowledge and skills necessary for the study of the complexity of the phenomena of professional interest in order to support continuous improvement processes, whether they are related to the clinic, research, training or care organization.


Internship: a personalized training path

The study plan is characterized by an alternation between traditional activities, learning from experience activities (workshops, internships, etc.) and activities chosen by the student in order to allow a high degree of personalization of the training path.

Internships are foreseen in both years of the course.

In the first year, the student will be welcomed for two weeks in accredited services of his choice among those available, with the mandate to apply, under the guidance of an expert nurse, the knowledge and methodologies acquired for the resolution of a clinical background question related to their field of interest.

In the second year, there is a 4-week internship experience in accredited services chosen by the student (Nursing and Obstetrics Departments, Operational or Service Units, Training Services, Research Centers, Degree Courses, Quality Offices, Organizational Consultancy Company in Healthcare, etc.). This experience, to which the fourth semester of the Master’s is almost entirely dedicated, is aimed at developing, under the supervision of an expert colleague, an innovation project applied to a context chosen by the student.

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