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Interventional Cardiology

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The second level Master's course in Interventional Cardiology aims to provide participants with an adequate and up-to-date theoretical and practical preparation in the field of interventional cardiology, making them able to put correct indications of treatment in light of the progress of percutaneous and surgical revascularization techniques and to perform simple and complex angioplasty as the first operator. In addition, candidates must be exposed to peripheral interventional techniques, direct myocardial revascularization, valvular heart disease and obstructive hypertrophic myocardiopathies. The didactic result will be verified through the frequency and daily practice in the hemodynamics room and the preparation of an experimental thesis.

Director of the Master

Prof. Alberto Zangrillo

Co Director

Dr. Alaide Chieffo

Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Matteo Montorfano

Direttore del Master

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