PhD in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences

PhD Course in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, sponsored by the Faculty of Psychology, is a three-year post-graduate course directed at national and international graduates. During their studies the PhD students will acquire knowledge and technical skills at public and private universities and research institutions. Graduates interested in deepening research areas aimed at understanding cognitive and behavioral processes both in normal and pathological contexts, and their neural bases, will have access to laboratories equipped with the most modern neurophysiological methods, of neurostimulation and neuroimaging enable advanced studies in the thematic fields proposed by the PhD. The PhD is oriented to the recruitment and training of PhD students with a background in the psychological sciences, but it is also potentially aimed at students with a background in biology, medicine, and other STEM disciplines, interested in pursuing research topics specific to the cognitive and behavioral sciences. In particualr, the main topics are:

  • Computational and cognitive neuroscience
  • Psycholinguistics and neuroscience of language
  • Neurobiology of memory and learning
  • General psychophysiology and sleep
  • Experimental psychology and psychophysics
  • Perception, attention and awareness
  • Motor cognition
  • Neuroscience of emotions and decision-making
  • Psychometry and quantitative models
  • Neurocognitive development
  • Advanced neuroimaging and neurostimulation methods

The course is highly innovative for integrating of different disciplines and because it focuses on theoretical and practical training of excellence, which includes the synergies of international networks established by UniSR as well as the experience of foreign university teachers with high-level specialized training.

Coordinator of the Doctorate: Prof. Luigi Ferini-Strambi

The admission procedures for the academic year 2023/2024 are closed.

Applications for the academic year 2024/2025 will open approximately at the end of May.