PhD in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences

PhD in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences

Training Activity

The PhD course in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences aims to provide an excellent interdisciplinary education.

What distinguishes and enhances this path is the multidisciplinary approach to themes and content, and its uniqueness as it provides the training of PhD students not only with research programmes characterised by practical experiences of high scientific value in the cognitive and behavioral sciences, but also through ad hoc courses useful to obtain solid methodological knowledge and useful tools in academic and extra-academic scientific research.

In particular, the PhD Course provides training in the field of statistics and computer science, research management, specific topics of neuroanatomy and functional neurophysiology, neurological, psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders, behavioural changes.

Students are also expected to play a fundamental role in the life of our scientific community by participating in lectures, workshops and seminars organized by the University and San Raffaele Scientific Institute.