Centro per la ricerca e l’innovazione infermieristica – Center for Nursing Research and Innovation – CeNRI

Centro per la ricerca e l’innovazione infermieristica – Center for Nursing Research and Innovation – CeNRI


The Center for Nursing Research and Innovation has different goals that aim to promote the advancement of nursing practice, innovation and the improvement of health care.

The Centre is able to develop all the areas of competence described in the specific disciplinary field (DM 855/2015):


  • clinical, preventive and community nursing
  • critical and emergency nursing
  • the theory of nursing
  • the methodology of nursing research
  • the methodology and organisation of the nursing profession.

Some specific objectives of the CeNRI are:

  • Promote evidence-based research. The Center is committed to conducting and supporting evidence-based research, thus helping to identify best nursing practices and improve care outcomes (Nursing Sensitive Outcomes) for the assisted persons.
  • Develop knowledge and skills by offering training programs and professional development opportunities for nurses (Nursing Research Meetings), enabling them to acquire advanced skills and staying up to date in the specific subject area.
  • Innovate care models by developing and testing new care strategies that improve the effectiveness, efficiency and experience of the patient and of the care staff.
  • Contribute to university education by collaborating with the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and the Master’s Degree in Nursing and Obstetrics Sciences with the aim of training new generations of nurses oriented to research.
  • Address health challenges by addressing specific local and national issues, also in collaboration with relevant institutions (FNOPI, CECRI and CERSI) by providing solutions to improve public health.
  • Spreading knowledge by sharing research results through publications, conferences, seminars and congresses thus contributing to the growth and advancement of the entire nursing community.
  • Be a reference point for advice, resources and information in the field of nursing research, supporting nurses within clinical and/or organizational areas.

These goals intersect to promote a better care, influencing clinical practice, training and health policy, thereby driving evolution and innovation in the nursing sector for the benefit of quality of care and of safety of patients.

The CeNRI carries out research activities with the contribution of professors, researchers and clinicians of the Vita-Salute University and the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and of external collaborators.

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