Research Centers

Interfaculty centre for gender studies


The Center aims at promoting, developing, and coordinating the studies and researches on gender within Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in order to consolidate the scientific interaction between the three Faculties, on the one hand, and the relations and impact with society and our territory, on the other.

In particular, the Center aims at:

1) Providing visibility and developing the ongoing researches on gender studies already active in the three Faculties.

2) Promoting and coordinating new lines of research, with particular attention to the interdisciplinary ones.

3) Favoring the interaction among scholars from all three Faculties: gender studies have an interdisciplinary nature and they demand a research approach that encompasses different competencies – philosophical, psychological, medical, and scientific.

4) Organizing courses, laboratories, seminars, conferences, and workshops on gender issues for scholars, Ph.D. students, and students.

5) Collaborating with other institutions, national and international – in particular with IRCCS San Raffaele.

6) Increasing opportunities of exchange with public and social actors within the territory both with educational aims and to foster social change in an anti-discriminatory way.

7) Researching funding opportunities to increase the possibilities to focus on gender studies.

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