Centre for Patristics Studies Luigi Maria Verzé - Genesis

Centre for Patristics Studies Luigi Maria Verzé - Genesis


The research activity of the Center for Patristic Studies mainly performs as follows:

1. Translating into Italian, editing, analyzing and publishing ancient Christian texts as well as modern monographies which are devoted to the topics that the Center is focused on;

2. Organization of Schools of Patristic Education where young students have the opportunity to discuss with senior scholars and, at the same time, receive a well-targeted education about specific topics;

3. Organization of conventions, seminars, conferences, study-days, and debates;

4. Awarding scholarships for researchers interested in the fields of late antiquity and ancient Christianity studies;

5. Promotion of interdisciplinary studies which encourage the development of a scientific network of collaboration not only between the Faculties of the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, but also between the different institutions and research schools as part of national and international programs on shared projects;

6. The study and enhancement of the works and doctrinal principles of the founder of Opera San Raffaele, Luigi Maria Verzé, in terms of inspiring heritage for a new idea of medicine and new research on humanity;

7. Building, enlargement and upgrade of a Patristics Library.

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