Laboratory for Research in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person – PERSONA

Laboratory for Research in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person – PERSONA

Research topics

Consciousness: the Embodied-Enactive View. Confronting main trends of research, including experimental psychology and neuro-imaging, on fundamental issues in contemporary analytic Philosophy of Mind: Sensory Perception, Feeling and Emotion, Empathy, and Related Pathologies.

Personhood: the Moral, Sensible and Rational Agent. Confronting contemporary Naturalisms and Anti-Naturalisms on the ontology of Personhood, including classic and contemporary issues such as Free Will, Personal Identity, Constitutive Structures of Personality (Sensibility, Will).

Normativity and Values: confronting contemporary research in meta-ethics and normative ethics, including philosophy of law and political theory, arguing for a) the Unity of Practical Reason; b) a phenomenological version of Axiological Cognitivism, in dialogue/dispute with Constructivism and Skepticism.

Social ontology and social cognition: addressing both social ontology and collective intentionality topics (what are social entities, such as marriages and taxes, social acts such as promises and commands, plural subjects such as rock bands and governments, collective actions such as playing a piano-violin duet?), and dealing with social cognition and inter-subjective intentionality issues (such as empathy, sympathy, emotional contagion, etc.). Approaches and methods: phenomenology (in particular, eidetics), and analytic philosophy.

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