Financial Aid programs for Students

Financial Aid programs for Students

Merit Loans

In partnership with INTESA SANPAOLO S.p.A. Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has established “per Merito”, the first bridging loan intended to link the worlds of learning and employment, in the awareness of the immense important of education for Italy's development. This is a flexible form of loan granted to Italian nationals to cover the costs of their education. It is also intended to help to overcome the problems in accessing and completing their studies experienced by students from low-income families.

“per Merito” is only available to students of Italian nationality who meet the specified merit requirements, within the terms of the agreement between Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and INTESA SANPAOLO S.p.A..

The Bank provides a specific platform on which students can apply for the Loan, obtain authorisation confirming compliance with and maintenance of the access requirements from the University, and monitor their positions.

The Loan procedure consists of three phases: the creation of a current account overdraft facility, the "bridging period", during which the student can decide the procedure for repayment of the sums drawn, and issue of the loan, if this is chosen as the repayment method.

The principal characteristics of the loan are outlined below. Full contract conditions will be found in the prospectus available at the addresses referred to.

For any explanations concerning the merit requirements for eligibility for the financial assistance:

Type of students eligible

Italian students currently enrolled on bachelor’s and master’s degree courses

Courses and loan plans

 Courses and loan plans are set out in the pdf which follows

per Merito_courses loan plan

Corsi e piani di finanziamento_2022

Funding issue interval

Six-monthly, on current account

Type of students eligible

Loans are granted in the form of Current Account overdrafts on the conditions set out below

Conditions applied*

  • SINGLE TRANSACTION COST: € 0.00 (Unlimited transactions)
  • FREE SERVICES: Internet and phone banking, debit card
  • INTEREST FOR ARREARS: Annual interest rate for arrears without regular capitalization at loan interest rate increased by 3 percentage points
  • STAMP DUTY: At current rates
  • OFFICE FEES: Exempt
  • C/A CLOSURE CHARGE: € 0.00

*refer to the Student Guides for all conditions not specified in the table​​​​​​​

Eligibility criteria and their maintenance

In order to access the loan, students must be enrolled on a Bachelor (three-year), two-year or singe-cycle Master or Professional Postgraduate Master's Degree Course, and must achieve a minimum number of credits as specified below.

Type of Course when application is made

Single Cycle Degree Courses

Year of course: 2

Information and activation request

Maximum duration of the loan

5 years

Loan repayment

Within a maximum period of 15 years

Loan refund

Possibility to start repaying the loan up to 2 years after obtaining the title, cd. "Bridge period" of moratorium

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