Student financial assistance schemes

Student financial assistance schemes


Lombardy Region Law no. 33 of 13 December 2004 “Regulations for regional measures for the assistance of university students”.
Prime Ministerial Decree dated 9 April 2001 "Uniformity regarding the assistance of university students, pursuant to art. 4 of law no. 390 of 2 December 1991”. Legislative Decree no. 68 of 29 March 2012 “Review of the legislation establishing the principles for the right to education and the proper operation of legally recognised university colleges”.

Like other public and private Italian Universities, with regard to scholarships and exemption from university fees and contributions, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University implements the general regulations contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree issued in April 2001, Legislative Decree 68/2012 and regional laws.

The forms of assistance offered, on an annual basis, are:

  • scholarships;
  • grants for participation in international exchange schemes;
  • free meals for scholarship students/other entitled students (1 meal per day);
  • subsidised accommodation.

All students who meet specific financial, merit and course progress criteria, set out in the call for applications, may apply for these forms of assistance.

The assistance application procedure is separate from the matriculation procedure. This means that applications may be submitted, in accordance with the stated deadlines, even before the student matriculates.

If a student who has applied for and been awarded assistance then decides not to matriculate, he or she forfeits their entitlement.

Issue of rankings

All students whose situations fit the parameters established by the call for applications are passed as "entitled" and are exempt from payment of university fees and contributions, provided they comply with the merit conditions set out in the call.

The ranking drawn up to establish entitlement also selects the students who will be awarded scholarships. In practice, depending on the funds assigned by the Lombardy Region, the Ministry of Universities and Research, the University or other public or private Institutions, the University calculates the number of students who will not only be exempted from fees and contributions but will also receive a scholarship, the amount of which is set annually depending on the financial situation of the student's family unit and whether he or she lives at home or in student accommodation.

Basically, the ranking consists, in this order, of students who:

  • are exempt from fees and contributions and also receive a scholarship;
  • are exempt from fees and contributions but do not receive a scholarship.

Award of scholarships

Scholarship students will receive the first instalment (of half the cash amount of the scholarship) by 31 December of each year, with the balance payable by 30 June to students enrolled for years after the first year and by 30 September to students enrolled for the first year of a course, provided the student has achieved the number of ECTS-Credits specified in the call for applications by the date also established by the call.

Calls for Applications and Forms

This competition call for benefits for the right to higher education a.y 2022/2023, is funded also by the the European Union "NextGenerationEU” programme, through the PNRR.

The English translation has been made available only for transparency and greater diffusion of the documents of this University.

In any case, the Italian version of this Call for Applications is the authentic reference for contents and deadlines.

Call for applications for benefits for the right to higher education a.y. 2022/2023

How to submit the application



To access the Intranet area and submit the application, anyone who does not have an UniSR profile yet must first:

  1. Follow this link and enter the personal data by clicking on the Menu placed top right on the screen;
  2. log in and click on “registrar’s office” > “financial assistance and merit awards” and select “Benefits for the right to higher education - regional scholarships 2022/2023 A.Y.”;
  3. Upload all documents in pdf format.

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