Financial Aid programs for Students

Financial Aid programs for Students

Lombardy Region Scholarships and Additional Financial Aid

Similar to other Italian universities, both public and private, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University adheres to the established regulations governing scholarships and exemptions from university fees and contributions.

These regulations are outlined in the Prime Ministerial Decree issued in April 2001, Legislative Decree 68/2012, and regional law as follows:

Lombardy Region Law No. 33, dated December 13, 2004, titled 'Regulations for Regional Support Measures for University Students.' Prime Ministerial Decree dated April 9, 2001, titled 'Uniform Guidelines for University Student Support, in accordance with Article 4 of Law No. 390, dated December 2, 1991.' Legislative Decree No. 68, dated March 29, 2012, titled 'Revisions to Legislation Defining Principles for the Right to Education and the Proper Functioning of Legally Recognized Universities.

The forms of assistance offered on an annual basis are:

  • scholarships;
  • grants for participation in international exchange programs;
  • food service contribution;
  • affordable accommodation.

Students who meet the specified financial, merit, and academic progress criteria outlined in the call for applications are eligible to apply for these forms of aid.

It's important to note that the application process for assistance is distinct from the matriculation process. This means that students can submit their applications, in accordance with the stated deadlines, even before officially matriculating.

However, if a student who has been granted assistance decides not to complete the matriculation process, they will forfeit their entitlement to the aid.

Ranking formation

All students who meet the criteria outlined in the call for applications are considered 'eligible' and, subject to meeting the specified merit requirements, are exempt from paying university fees and contributions.

The ranking list, which determines eligibility, also identifies the students eligible for scholarships. In practical terms, based on the funding provided by entities such as the Lombardy Region, the Ministry of Universities and Research, the University, or other public and private institutions, the University calculates the number of students who will not only receive fee exemptions but will also be awarded a scholarship. The scholarship amount is determined annually, taking into consideration the financial circumstances of the student's family and whether they reside at home or in student housing

In essence, the ranking comprises students who, in this specific order:

  • are exempt from fees and contributions and also receive a scholarship;
  • are exempt from fees and contributions but do not receive a scholarship.

Scholarship recipients will receive the initial half of their scholarship amount by December 31st each year, with the remaining balance payable by June 30th for students enrolled in subsequent years, and by September 30th for students in their first year of a program. This disbursement is contingent upon students successfully earning the specified number of ECTS credits by the date stipulated in the call for applications.

Calls for Applications and Forms

This competition call for benefits for the right to higher education a.y 2023/2024, is funded also by the the European Union "NextGenerationEU” programme, through the PNRR.

The English translation has been made available only for transparency and greater diffusion of the documents of this University.

In any case, the Italian version of this Call for Applications is the authentic reference for contents and deadlines.

Call for application for benefits - English Version

How to submit the application



To access the Intranet area and submit the application, anyone who does not have an UniSR profile yet must first:

  1. Follow this link and enter the personal data by clicking on the Menu placed top right on the screen;
  2. log in and click on “registrar’s office” > “financial assistance and merit awards” and select “Benefits for the right to higher education - regional scholarships 2023/2024 A.Y.”;
  3. Upload all documents in pdf format.

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