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Prospective Students

Open classes for prospective students

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Psychology Open lectures at UniSR Milano 2 campus - May 4, 2023 

As early as May 4, the event has been conceived in the framework of getting to know our Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication. For this purpose, two lectures will be open to all interested students who want to learn more about the program's identity.  

  • From 9 to 11 am (Italian time) 

" Why and How Heuristics and Biases Matter in Health Communication" Prof. Peter Schulz  

People tend to overestimate their own judgment skills when it comes to the appropriate handling of misinformation in health. The reasons for this are, among others, the so-called heuristics and biases, which this lecture deals with. 

  • From 12 to 16 pm (Italian time) 

"Seeing is actually Foreseeing." Prof. Andrea Serino  

You have probably seen several times a bistable image (if not, just google it). These are images where you can perceive two different scenes from exactly the same visual stimulation - one of the most famous is the one whereby you can see either the face of Sigmund Freud or a naked body of a woman. These images show a key property of the brain. That is perception is not the consequence of a hard-wired processing of external stimuli from the senses to the mind, but actually the results of a creative process whereby sensory stimuli are "interpreted" and experienced as a function of a series of predictions or inferences about how we think reality is or should be. In this lesson I will discuss the neural mechanisms underlying these processes. 

The classes will take place in person and are part of the master's courses. On that occasion, students can participate in an actual university lecture with UniSR students and experience psychology-related consciousness with us. Everyone can attend the Lectures upon registration. To register, please send an email to