Study plan

The newly-renovated curriculum is inspired by internationally acclaimed models and adopts highly integrated, innovative and educational approaches where contents are organized to ensure a progressive specialization with an increasing complexity that corresponds to the skills and competencies gradually acquired.

Elective courses from year 1 offered along with comprehensive courses in all medical areas, are the main innovations of the new curriculum whose aim is to foster and encourage a critical approach towards translational research, behavioural sciences and health management processes.

This early multidisciplinary approach in year 1 is made possible thanks to 3 Elective courses, which are mandatory for all students:  

  • Language and Behavior for those who want to take care of people 
  • Nursing (25-hour diving experience to deeply and directly understand the    needs and uneasiness of the patient)
  • The scientific method, quantitative biology and the art of medicine (with selected professionals and experts to better understand what it means to carry out medical research)

Moreover, starting from year 2, alongside the traditional general track envisaged by the Medical school, students have the ability to choose based on their personal interest and professional ambitions among 3 specific and selective training tracks:

  1.  Medicine and Surgery (maximum 20 students/year)
  2. Translational Research (maximum 20 students/year)
  3. Global Health (maximum 20 students/year developed in collaboration with Bocconi University)

These specialized tracks are devoted to students able to perform adequately, hence selection will be made based on the students’ average grades. At the end of year 6, all students will be awarded the degree title of Medical Doctor, regardless of the chosen track. 

Mandatory licensing rotations are offered as curricular activities during the last years allowing IMDP graduates to be immediately granted license to work as doctors in Italy.

English is the official language for lessons, practical activities and examinations; however, in order to allow a better interaction with patients during the clinical rotations, Italian language lessons will be offered to all international students. 

In fact, for the first two years, a compulsory Italian language course for non-mother tongue students will be scheduled preparing the student to reach a B1 level of Italian knowledge.

The total number of credits for the 6 years medical degree program is 360. 

The detailed IMDP study plan is indicated here below:


Medical Physics

Basic medical statistics

Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry

Molecular cell biology

Medicine as a Human Endeavour

Medical genetics

Basic life support

Track rotations I



Human Histology

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy practicals

Clinical Laboratory Medicine


Principles of pharmacology

Track rotations II



Basic Mechanisms of Diseases

Pathologic Anatomy

Applied Medical Statistics

Medical and Surgical semiotics


Endocrine and kidney diseases

Blood and Immune system diseases

Integumentary system

Clinical rotations I

Track rotations III



Cardiovascular system diseases

Respiratory system diseases

Biomedical Imaging

Medical Oncology

Neurological Sciences

Musculoskeletal Diseases

Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology

Head and Neck diseases

Clinical rotations II

Track rotations IV



Women’s health

Women's heath clerkship

Children's health

Children's health clerkship

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Medical approach to the patient: chronic care

Medical approach to the patient: Infectious Diseases

Surgical approach to the patient I

Surgical approach to the patient II

Surgical approach to the patient III

Licensing rotation in Surgery

Licensing rotation in Internal Medicine

Track rotations V



Medical approach to the patient: acute care

Surgical approach to the patient: acute care

Public health, Global health & Legal medicine

Licensing rotation in community medicine


Elective rotation I

Elective rotation II


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