Research Centers

Centre for Studies in Ethics and Politics (CeSEP)


The Centre for Ethics and Politics produces and coordinates research, discussion and training on ethical issues with regard to all aspects of social life. CeSEP continuously organizes meetings that are open to the public for the discussion of such issues.

To deal with the public issues of our time – as far as biology, psychology and neuroscience, economics, politics, intercultural communication are concerned – means to take into account fundamental moral and political decisions. In our Centre we interpret it as the field of discussion about ethical issues, in the context of our social and institutional life, to come to collective decisions in favor of public welfare, while acknowledging political constraints. Along with this focus, the Centre investigates also metaethical and normative issues. It is a place of discussion, interdisciplinary research, and education in the fields of ethics, politics, metaethics, normative moral theory, and applied ethics.

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