Centre for Studies in Ethics and Politics (CeSEP)

Centre for Studies in Ethics and Politics (CeSEP)

Research and further activities

The Centre hosts and develops research projects in all areas of practical philosophy, focusing on issues of metaethics, normative ethics, bioethics, political and social philosophy, history of moral and political philosophy, neuroethics and the ethical implications of experimental research in Psychology and Neurosciences. In these areas the Centre also organises conferences, workshops, seminars, and public events.


Research areas:

  1. Bioethics
  2. Ethics, Economics, and Environment
  3. Ethics and Neuroscience
  4. Ethics and Communication
  5. Ethics and Political Theory


To follow our initiatives, please see News Filosofia (con link alle news) or the Centre’s Facebook page (con link alla pagina Facebook del CeSEP).

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