Dental School

Dental School

Research activities

Over the years, research activities have always focused mainly on fixed prostheses, initially concerning dental elements, and especially the study of both ceramic and resin cosmetic finishes, followed by metal-free materials and the use of lasers in the various dental disciplines.

Cosmetic prostheses have always been a point of particular interest: with the advent of modern implantology, attention has been focused on all aspects of this new discipline, and especially on its implications for prostheses.

It must be underlined that, over the years, Prof. Gherlone and his staff have played a major role in the implementation and optimisation of various implantation systems, and in their diffusion.
This has led to the partnership with several top companies in the industry, making the Dentistry Operative Unit an undisputed leader in Implantology Research, at the national and international level.

In the last decade, the San Raffaele dentistry team has been amongst the pioneers in translational research (the clinical application of research) in Dentistry, establishing the first research teams working on the molecular biology of human cells in contact with bone-replacement biomaterials, and comparing the findings of these studies with the current techniques for jawbone volume enhancement techniques, in order to develop mini-invasive surgical techniques.