International Medical Doctor Program

International Medical Doctor Program

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UniSR & The Gulf Medical University of Ajman

The UniSR International MD Program widens its horizons and offers a unique mobility opportunity to its students.

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has entered into a partnership with the renowned Gulf Medical University in Ajman, UAE. This partnership aims to strengthen the collaboration on teaching and research between the two institutions who have developed a combined path for their students interested in studying medicine.

The new path allows students enrolled to the undergraduate three year Associate Degree in Pre-Clinical Sciences offered by GMU to continue their Medical training in Milan at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University starting from year 4 and obtaining the Medical Degree and Medical licensing in Italy.

An innovation, which has brought the International MD Program to review its traditional study curriculum and turn it into a unique international program designing a pathway that will best prepare students during the preclinical and clinical years.

Students participating in this combined program are enrolled to both Universities and upon completion of the ADPCS, they continue their studies directly at UniSR through complete recognition of their previous career.

Requirements and Selection

20 seats are available each year for Students who wish to study at GMU for the first three years of the Program.

Students who have been admitted to the International MD Program by selection through the obligatory admission test, can participate to the dedicated Mobility announcement for studying at GMU by enrolling to the  three year ADPCS.

The dedicated Mobility announcement for GMU  contains all information on how to proceed with undergoing additional selection for gaining admission to the ADPCS at Gulf Medical University. Selection for admission to the Associate Degree in Preclinical sciences is carried out by the Admissions staff at GMU: ADPCS Admissions criteria 

Requirements for admission are set out in the Mobility Announcement as well as all details on selection and enrolment.

If you wish to participate to selection for the AY 2022/2023  and carry out the first three years of the International MD Program at GMU, please find below the Mobility Announcement.

The GMU Admissions office can be contacted by writing to Ms Sherly at

DR_7653_2022 Bando Mobilità Gulf Medical University(GMU)-UniSR 22.23 Mobility Announcement IMDP _ADPCS 1.Request form 2.Acceptance form 3.Renunciation form