Study plan

The curriculum is designed with a preparatory logic in which the first year of the program teaches and verifies knowledge of the genetic, biomolecular and anatomist-functional foundations of the human organism and is similarly structured as pre-med paths of international colleges.

From year 2 to year 5, the curriculum is more aligned with the "2+2" scheme used by International medical schools, with the 2nd and 3rd year dedicated to the teaching of theoretical and methodological foundations of evidence-based medicine.

The 4th and 5th year are dedicated entirely to the "Core Clinical Experiences" during which students develop their scientific, relational and practical research concepts through professional internships, in direct contact with the patient, under the supervision of dedicated clinical tutors, and followed by case discussions.

The 6th and final year completes this path, emphasizing individual vocation through "elective rotations" and the development of an experimental thesis project carried out in Italy or abroad.

The curriculum is divided into eleven multidisciplinary modules, generally two per year, which integrate in different proportions, learning of the theoretical, methodological and practical bases of medicine in its various aspects: humanistic, relational and scientific-technological. Each module summarizes in its title the main purpose of the theoretical-practical activities envisaged.

English is the official language for lessons, practical activities and examinations; Italian language lessons are offered to foreign students in order to enable interaction with patients during clinical rotations.

The total number of credits for the six- year medical degree program is 360 with 63 credits reserved to practical activities.

The detailed subjects and n° of credits assigned to each module are indicated  in the IMDPStudy Plan attached below.

Year 1:
Foundations of Medicine I and Foundations of Medicine II
            - Basic Life Support
            -  Preclinical Rotations I

Year 2:
Mechanisms of Human Disease I & Mechanisms of Human Disease II
             -  Preclinical Rotations II

Year 3:
Clinical-Pathological Correlates of Human Disease I
& Clinical-Pathological Correlates Of Human Disease II
               - Preclinical Rotations III

Year 4:
Core Clinical Experience I & Core Clinical Experience II
               - Electives I

Year 5:
Core Clinical Experience III & Core Clinical Experience IV
             -  Licensing Rotation in Internal Medicine Surgery
             -  Licensing Rotation in Surgery

             -  Elective Rotations I

Year 6:
Vocational Training in Clinical Medicine and Research
               - Licensing Rotation in Community Medicine
               - Electives II
               - Electives Rotations II 
               - Electives Rotations III
               - Electives Rotations IV
               - Thesis Internship 

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