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The International MD Program at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is a 6 year, single-cycle degree program, which offers a pro-active, life-enrichening experience to study medicine, thanks to its innovative top-level interdisciplinary teaching methods and international educational standards focus on hands-on learning experiences and exposure to real-world problems.

The program's curriculum envisages a highly integrated educational approach allowing for continuous long-term professional growth of the student's medical expertise. Contents are organized to ensure a progressive specialization with an increasing complexity corresponding to the skills and competencies gradually acquired. 

While studying, students strengthen practical skills through placements at our San Raffaele reference hospital and active participation in IRCCS scientific research centres, becoming a part of today's research. 

Students can tailor their medical education by selecting courses that align with their interests and passions, and broaden their perspective by having a dedicated stretch for interaction with foreign institutions.

Our students have the opportunity to receive an education with a novel study plan inspired by acclaimed international models. Our curriculum integrates innovative and educational approaches that cultivate progressive specialization with the increasing complexity of skills and competencies as students progress through their Medical School curriculum. It promotes a critical mindset in translational research, understanding behavioral sciences and managing health-related processes.

Students acquire a solid and resilient foundation of fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of medical education. This "backbone" represents the central core of information and abilities that form the supporting structure of the education, providing a stable foundation upon which to build further levels of knowledge and specialization.

The association of pathways characterizing the education indicates the presence of specific and targeted routes within this robust backbone.

This targeted approach allows students to customize their education, focusing on areas of interest and acquiring specific skills required by contemporary medical practice.

In this way, medical education becomes more dynamic and efficient, addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare sector and preparing students to face complex and innovative challenges in the field of medicine.

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Our International MD Program has earned recognition from prestigious organizations such as the World Health Organization, the British General Medical Council (UK) and the US Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®).

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