International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

First assessment phase

Admission to the PhD Course follows a two-stage comparative evaluation procedure defined below.

For the purposes of the final ranking up to 30 points out of 100 can be given in the first assessment phase to the candidates’ qualifications, including the written dissertation, and to the references. Up to 70 points can be given instead during the second assessment phase.

The final rankings will be published as indicated below and they will show the score, the name and surname and the birthdate of the candidates. 

This first assessment phase is carried out by the Committee and it does not require the presence of the candidates. It concerns the evaluation of:

a. the qualifications submitted:

  • curriculum vitae and other information in the electronic form;
  • degree (5-year degree, as per old Italian regulation, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree) and graduation mark (including BD mark);
  • any publication on international journals or submission of abstracts to conferences;

b. The written dissertation describing the candidates’ research interests;

c. The reference letters submitted by the authoritative personalities of the scientific and/or academic world mentioned by the candidates in the application form. These authoritative personalities acknowledge the scientific qualities of the candidates by virtue of their institutional tasks (as per Annex 1).

Only candidates, who have obtained a score greater than or equal to 50% of the maximum score attributable for the first evaluation (30 points), will be admitted to the second phase.

The candidates will be provided with three scientific publications selected by the Committee.  The candidate will have to choose one to discuss during the interview. the list of the papers is available at the page "Rankings and Papers"

Candidates who passed the first phase, must send an email to communicating the preference for at least 3 projects and up to 5, excluding any project-based fellowship selected in the application form.

Second assessment phase

This phase consists in an interview held in English, in case also supported by video conference, with the Admission Committee. The assessment criteria used shall be those already established by the Committee.

The interview will assess the general and specific competences, their motivation to pursue the PhD Course and their further professional research development; since it will be held in English, it also represents a language test.

During the interview the candidate will be asked to:

  • Give a presentation about the research activity carried out before or after the Master’s Degree.
  • Discuss one of the three scientific publications provided by the Commission. The list of the papers will be available at the page "Rankings and Papers"

The interview focuses on assessing the candidate’s ability to analyse data, knowledge of the technologies used, the research field and the ability to evaluate data in a given field.

During the interview the candidate will need to show one of the following identification documents: identity card, driving licence, passport or any other document issued by a state authority and provided for by law with a photograph and a stamp or another equivalent marking.

Candidates unable to take the second phase of the interview at UniSR can ask the Committee to hold the interview via videoconference. The Committee can authorize or deny the interview via videoconference.

At the end of the second assessment phase, the Admission Committee will draw up a final ranking based on a comparative assessment of the candidates.

Candidates with a final score lower than 60% of the total score (100 points) will be considered non-eligible.

Assignment of the positions

There will be only one FINAL ranking, which will be updated after each further withdrawal and/or forfeiture.

Fellowships are assigned on the basis of the place in the ranking and the preferences expressed in the application form. There are 2 different phases of attribution:

  • First phase
    • all project-based fellowships (both two-years and three -years project-based fellowship and the PNRR fellowships – Ministerial Decree no.  351 and 352/2022)
    • 3 two-year free fellowships (PhS program)
  • Second phase - The process to assign projects to candidates admitted in this phase is regulated by a specific procedure, attached below, which foresees that the admitted candidates meet the Supervisor of the projects they are interested in.
    • 7 three-year free fellowships
    • 3 positions without fellowship

If a candidate renounces the position, the next eligible candidate in the ranking will take over.

Once all fellowships are assigned, the LAST ranking is published. This includes the project assigned to each candidate. Candidates must enroll as indicated at art. 7 of the Call.

After each phase, for information purposes only, the candidates who can proceed with the online enrolment will receive the communication also via e-mail to the e-mail address indicated at the time of submission of the application. Failure to receive the above e-mail cannot excuse a missed enrolment.