International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

Within two days following the date of:

  • the publication of the FINAL ranking (for candidates who won a position with the first phase of assignment);
  • the communication from the PhD Office on the positive outcome of the compatibility checks, as per art. 5.3 of this call, in the case of PhS position winners;
  • the publication of the LAST ranking (for candidates who won a position with the second phase of assignment).

Selected candidates will have to formalize their enrollment through their own dedicated webpage area, in the appropriate page of UNISR website, using the login credentials received during the online Registration (

All candidates will have to complete the enrollment procedure within the second day from the online enrollment.

If the candidates do not proceed with online registration within the deadline or do not finalize the registration within the above deadline, they will be deemed renouncer and will lose their right to enroll.

Candidates who will have to proceed with the registration will receive, for information purposes only, a specific communication via e-mail to the e-mail address indicated during the submission of the application. Failure to receive this email message will not be considered as an objection for the missed enrolment to the PhD.