International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine


All PhD projects proposed are evaluated by the Management Commitee to ensure that they meet the requirements of a three-year PhD thesis.

Please find below the list of the Directors of Studies (with a link to their CV) and their PhD Projects proposed for the academic year 2020/2021 (Call for Applications D.R. 6529 dated 06/22/2020).

During the application process, candidates must select from 3 to 5 projects among ALL projects available for the PhD course. The projects selected can be related to different curricula.

Candidates interested in the "Physician-Scientist" Program must select one project only.

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Basic and Applied Immunology and Oncology

Experimental and Clinical Medicine

Gene and Cell Therapy

Neuroscience and Experimental Neurology

Program “Physician-Scientist”